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Assessment Tools for Group Projects in Higher Education


This paper will focus on a specific online project management tool – Teambox – and its use as an assessment tool for student group/project work; it also deals with the subject of individual student contribution and accountability. It includes the types and importance of group work and the challenges it poses on assessment by teachers. This paper also focuses on the free online project management application used for team productivity; the feature’s built in it, and its application for student group work/projects. This tool can also work as a deterrent to the phenomenon of free riders that take advantage of others’ effort in the group project and also encourage team participation.

Voki for Collaborative Learning in Blackboard Vista


The advent of Web 2.0 brings in endless possibilities to enhance collaborative learning in the classroom. In this paper a website that holds much promise for classroom application,, was analyzed and is recommended for teachers to use in a Learning Management System (LMS). In our opinion, adopting Voki in an LMS will enhance students’ learning experiences, as the teacher becomes an enabler and learning facilitator, thus enriching the learning experience for the student. A few examples are presented to show how we used Voki in our LMS, Blackboard Vista, at Dubai Women’s College, to enhance student learning of targeted content vocabulary.