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Increasing Effectiveness in Online Interactive Teaching and Learning Materials


The creation of non-linear online interactive teaching and learning materials is problematical for a variety of reasons, particularly in a second-language context. It is essential that such materials address learner needs and concerns, particularly in terms of a sense of cultural appropriateness, a reduced lexical set, content complexity, opportunities for revision, and resources and controls that enable learners to have the autonomy to structure and pace their learning. This paper documents an approach that includes video demonstration, interactive scenario and simulation-based learning customized for a particular audience: Emirati women pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Applied Media Studies who are studying aspects of web development. While the teaching and learning materials developed in this project are particularly appropriate for delivery of technical aspects of software training to students of an ethnically homogenous oral culture, the model and techniques developed can be extrapolated to a wide variety of audiences to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning materials for a broad range of topics.