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Dr. Alfred Miller

Dr. Alfred H. Miller (PhD-BA, e-Commerce) teaches in the Business Faculty at Fujairah Women’s College and is recipient of three research awards from the Wharton Business school. His teaching strategy centers toward student ownership of innovative entrepreneurial projects, and developing entrepreneurial skills transferrable to the real world. Research interests since 2010 include exploration and implementation of e-learning; impact of gender on sustainability, and cyber security—specifically cybercrime —and the behavioral aspects of network security technology adoption, both for the UAE and MENA Region. Dr. Miller is concurrently Managing Director of Charlie Drillco Ltd., a Thai investment and development firm; and previously achieved National recognition by the National Groundwater Association for industry leadership, as a commercial contractor in Missouri and Illinois, USA, while Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of St. Charles Drilling.

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Theory, Practice, and Implementation of Blogs for Teaching and Learning Business in a Middle East EFL Environment


The use of blogs—a computer-mediated communication—is explored for implications in teaching and learning business in an Arab World English as foreign language (EFL) environment. Review of current practice and research from a variety of contexts revealed a theoretical connection to systems theory, technology acceptance model, collaborative learning theory, and the ideas, connections and extensions classification model. Exploration through research produces an analysis of current teaching practice in an EFL and business teaching environment, including why blogs are useful in education and provides examples of how teachers have implemented blogs. A detailed method describing the technical implementation of a blog for a Year 3 Bachelor of e-Business class in the United Arab Emirates, is given as an example.

Online learning, Blogs, United Arab Emirates higher education, Technology-enhanced learning, Formative assessment, Peer-to-peer learning