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A Flipped Approach to Vocabulary Teaching in HCT Dubai Colleges Foundations Level 03: Utilising Spaced Repetition for Consolidation


Flipping the classroom involves students doing what would have traditionally been done in class at home, prior to the lesson, and then doing the homework in class time. New technologies allow educators to create feature-rich video and audio content, tailor-made for their students, which those students can view at home as many times as they like before coming to class. In class, the teacher should now have more time to devote to activities that practise the concepts introduced in the flipped portion of the lesson. The Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia (CALM) Department at HCT Dubai Colleges, in collaboration with the Foundations Department, has produced short video modules to pre-teach the target vocabulary for Level 03 designed to be used in a flipped classroom scenario. Finally, spaced repetition is used to consolidate the vocabulary and ensure that it moves from short-term to long-term memory. Spaced repetition is a learning technique that uses increasing periods of time between reviews of material. The full programme has been piloted with one Level 03 class at Dubai Women’s College. This paper will describe in full the pilot programme, including feedback from the pilot staff member and his students.