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Towards Transformed Teaching: Engaging Learners Anytime, Anywhere

Editorial Note


Alvin Toffler defined change as “the process by which the future invades our lives.” Today, this definition reinforces itself as we witness the impact of the mobile revolution in education and in our daily lives. The emergence and rapid adoption of new and innovative methods of teaching and learning through the use of tablets, especially iPads, as well as other mobile devices, is creating a new paradigm in education. While the debate continues as to whether these mobile devices can provide as comprehensive an experience as Computers or Laptops, all UAE Higher Education Federal Institutes have embraced iPads for their Foundation programs. The mobile learning initiative is creating an interplay between Pedagogy, Technology and Content, and is transforming teaching and learning environments. An early indication of the initiative’s success is demonstrated by the increased adoption of Challenge Based Learning and Flipped Classrooms among teachers. The mobile journey has begun and its impact can be felt as you read through the journal. This year’s edition includes articles and education technology reviews that reflect the changing technological landscape amongst teaching and learning communities worldwide.