The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Journal of Educational Technology and eLearning (eJournal) was started in 2009 to create a platform for sharing best practices. It is an annual publication for the educators of the Middle-East and Gulf region. The journal is available in both a print format and online as an open journal multi-media resource.



Provision of a high quality open academic resource for educators to share best practices and research within the Middle East with the global community at large so as to ensure sustained access to best practices and professional intellectual stimulation.


The purpose of the eJournal is to ensure the effective planning and delivery of a high quality academic journal related to educational technology use and research. The Journal is dedicated to the advancement of professionals through providing an open online platform for UAE educators to share their experiences, strategies and research findings in the areas of Educational Technology and eLearning.

The eJournal promotes the following goals:

  1. Access to a digital version to help reduce unnecessary use of paper.
  2. The endeavor to open up access to research and practice by providing free access to the online digital version of the journal. A Printed version or softcopy pdf version will be offered on demand by email for those without access to a reliable Internet connection.
  3. And, in upcoming issues, offering a multi-media experience through an online digital version.

Next Issue:

The fifth edition of the journal has been published. The 6th edition of the eJournal will be published in November 2015, and authors may submit abstracts for review, due by February 1st, 2015, and full papers by March 15th, 2015. The submission guidelines are listed here at this website.

For questions and inquiries about the eJournal, please contact us.